We tried to bake, but I put our horrific outcome down to each of us being too awesome at baking that we cancelled each other out. 

Really wish they would start remaking blue and red….please pokemon?

Journey is probably one of the best games ever. FACT!!! =O 
Here’s a little tribute. (^_^)

An amazing film, with amazing characters and one hell of an amazing soundtrack! We’re pretty hooked on this film. 

This goes for any pet really, they make crappy days so much better.

So after disappearing for about 100 million years, we’ve been working on some big PERMANENT changes. Expect your tumblr feed to be filled with new comics…….coming out every Tuesday and Friday. This is just a sneak preview of what is coming. Hope you guys like it! ^_^

Do you wanna build a snowman?….I love Frozen, too much.

"We are Groot."

Guardians of the Galaxy RULED!! =D


InDesign practice - A double page layout aimed towards a womens luxury magazine. 

A little bit of Adventure Time, Marceline singing away to the moon