Do you wanna build a snowman?….I love Frozen, too much.

"We are Groot."

Guardians of the Galaxy RULED!! =D


InDesign practice - A double page layout aimed towards a womens luxury magazine. 

A little bit of Adventure Time, Marceline singing away to the moon

Hatsune Miku, so much fun to draw ^_^


….one of my favourite ghibli films.

Fanart of Mikasa from Attack on Titan, she’s pretty badass ^_^

London Anime and Gaming Con 2014!!

Oh heyyyy everyone! 

Just got back from an awesome weekend at LAGC and this is just a quick message to say thanks to everyone who popped by our stall and made a little purchase, had a browse, or even just swung by for a chat! Was lovely to meet lots of new peeps and even see a few familiar faces! ^_^

Hopefully we’ll be looking into doing more conventions this year so we look forward to meeting even more awesome people, and thanks to London Anime and Gaming Con for having us! =D 

To old and new followers alike, if you wanna stay updated on everything we’re doing on all your social media platforms, here’s some links to all our thingys! =) Maybe if we get quite a few followers we’ll do some special things like competitishys or giveaways?!

Anyway, I think that’ll do. Enjoy the picture of us in those amazing yet creepy head-masks, just dunno how to feel about those things… 
Ciao for now guys! =) xxx

School Girl!

Practise, practise! 

Studio Ghibli - Spirited Away - Chihiro =)

Getting back into drawing, not great but its all good practice.